Virtual Walkthrough – The Estate Agent Killer

Not long ago the only way to sell your home was through a high street estate agent. Now in 2015, internet company SellMyHome.co.uk are taking advantage of a niche market and a new technology, Virtual Walkthrough™ to sell their homes.

Delivering the world’s first virtual walkthrough of a home on Facebook, house vendor Mike Freeman alongside Sellmyhome.co.uk achieved more than £10,000 the asking price when selling his East London pad. The tour was shared nearly 30,000 times across the social media platform.

Sellmyhome.co.uk use several one-off payment packages to fine tune a vendor’s sales experience. Prices start from £499. Compared to a traditional estate agents, Freeman saved over £50,000 during the sale.

Mike Freeman says: “We are absolutely delighted we have completed. We have a young family so that extra money makes a real difference! We couldn’t have achieved such a great price without the assistance of SellMyHome.co.uk and their use of the Virtual Walkthrough’s technology.

“It opened us up to a wider audience and made it easier for people to view our property. The future is using technology to better support the property market and the first virtual open house just goes to prove the future is online for the estate agency industry. It works and that’s what counts. We have an extra £50,000 thanks to technology so I’m certain that pretty soon people will stop seeing it as a risk and realise that it simply is a better way to sell your home. Why would you ever use a traditional estate agent again?”

Virtual Walkthrough™ use top-quality 4K cameras to create the virtual tours of homes, hotels, yachts, outdoor spaces and even meeting halls. They offer a 360-degree walkthrough, HD photos, to-scale floorplans, and an HD YouTube video all for a one-off price. Everything can then be embedded into your website.

James Morris-Manuel, Chief Commercial Officer of Virtual Walkthrough, said: “We are delighted that the Virtual Walkthrough technology has been able to facilitate SellMyHome.co.uk’s sale of the house.  We strive to provide transparency in the industry, allowing people to view a property in its most true-to-life form, before physically stepping foot on location. The high number of viewers who used the virtual tour on SellMyHome.co.uk’s Facebook page is testament to the level of transparency and information that is being demanded by today’s consumers.”

You can preview your very own virtual tour on their Facebook page every Wednesday.


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