VQ Christie DAB Radio Review

Every now and then our inner hipsters come out and wishes that we were more like the past. And by the past I mean ‘vintage’. Vintage jeans, vintage car, vintage portable tape player to listen to our out of date drum and bass tracks, and now, thanks to VQ, a vintage radio called Christie.

However let’s be real. Who would really want a vintage radio from the 50s, or even go through the hassle of repairing its outdated technology? VQ however have taken this kind of 50s style and gone in a different direction. The Christie radio looks vintage and has that old feeling to it thanks to the cream front and back with a wooden mahogany looking accented edge. It actually looks pretty cool, I’m not going to lie and is available is a huge amount of colours to suit any in home decoration.

viewquest christie radio 2

Inside you will find a built-in DAB Radio for all your digital sounding goodness. Furthermore, VQ has also included Bluetooth capability to hook it up to your phone or tablet and even an auxiliary port for you non-wireless lovers out there. Yes I will mention that there is an FM tuner too, but who uses those now-a-days?

Sound quality is actually pretty good. Listening to digital radio was very clear. Okay it lacked any kind of fine quality to it but it is the radio. It really shone when we plugged our iPhones into it and played some tunes. Bass is definitely present, but not as powerful as I would have liked it to be, but the highs are on point, giving your more quiet acoustic and pop tracks some much-needed TLC. If you like your bass focused music, then this isn’t for you.

viewquest christie radio 3

Using the menu was extremely simple and resembled more of a mobile phone type layout in things like the settings and selecting a radio station to listen to. Options on-screen were very clear, and the button pictures resemble exactly what you’d think they resemble. To adjust the brightness of the screen for example you press the button that has a picture of a bulb.

Connecting my device to the Christie was simple and worked first time, every time. Playback was fast and the quality was just right for a DAB radio. As I said, this won’t pump out bass heavy tracks, but for background music in your kitchen while cooking, this is definitely a good contender.

viewquest christie radio 4

The VQ Christie DAB radio rocks. It looks absolutely stunning and is extremely simple to set up and use. We kept it in our kitchen throughout the time we took to review it, and would definitely recommend it to people looking for a bit of background noise. You can find more information on the VQ website.

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