A new VR game is coming to PC players, and it comes as somewhat of a jest. People have been wanting Half Life 3 for a VERY long time now, over a decade even and what we got was maybe half way towards a new game. Not quite Half Life 3.

It comes as a VR title called Half Life: Alyx, and is set before the events of Half Life 2. you assume the role of Alex, the cocky female you meet as part of the resistance against the Combine in number two.

The trailer didn’t show off a lot to be honest with you, but we saw enough to know we want more! If that was in-game footage, then wow, it looked absolutely superb, especially the glimpses of lighting effects we got throughout that trailer today.

half life alyx

We’ve also been told that it’s going to be given away to people who have invested into the Valve Index headset, so at least they’ve got something to look forward to. It is also compatible with all PC VR headsets. The rest of us are goign to have to order the game though Steam, which will cost you just over ¬£41 as a pre-order.

half life alyx

So, what have we found out so far? Well, Half Life: Alyx is completely VR, and acts how you would expect a VR title to act. Your two controllers control Alyx’s hands, and the game relies on a teleportation system to get around. A little disappointing, but here’s hoping we could put to use the portal gun to travel from point to point in some way.