I know that we’re pretty late to the party with this one, as Force Friday II was a little while ago, but we’ve just caught wind of this new intricate product. It comes right out of a partnership between Disney and Lenovo, and can see you become a Jedi, right there in your living room.

The product is called Jedi Challenges, and it aims to bring an augmented reality far far away galaxy straight to your home. All it requires is one of Lenovo’s Mirage AR headsets, which can be directly powered by your mobile phone. The app also requires a lightsaber controller and a tracking beacon so it can track the space your in, as well as your movements.

There are a number of mini-games you can immerse yourself in, including battles with Dark Side villains like Kylo Ren and Darth Vader, and even taking on opponents at your very own game of Holochess. Below are some descriptions we got straight from Lenovo.

Game Features:

  • Lightsaber Battles. With their very own lightsaber, fans can train against legendary dark side villains like Kylo Ren and Darth Vader.
  • Strategic Combat. Players marshal the forces of the Republic, Rebel Alliance, and Resistance against the might of the Separatists, Empire, and First Order in epic battles across their living room floors. Players can hone their skills in strategy and tactics as they engage in battles.
  • Holochess. Perhaps one of the most iconic board games brought to film, Holochess first leapt into moviegoer hearts when it was played on the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope™. It has now been brought to life in Jedi Challenges. Fans can direct their holographic alien pieces across the board, wrestling for territory and control.

Jeff Meredith, VP of Lenovo says; “With Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Lenovo and Disney are bringing Star Wars to fans in ways they could previously only imagine. Augmented reality has always been an important part of Star Wars, and it’s exciting to bring these key moments to life by marrying Lenovo technology with Disney’s storytelling.”

“We believe augmented reality will usher in a new era of storytelling and play an important role in the experiences we create for our fans,” said Kyle Laughlin, Senior Vice President, Games and Interactive Experiences, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. “With Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, we’re bringing together the latest technology and one of the most recognized franchises in the galaxy to fulfil the wishes of anyone who’s ever wanted to wield a lightsaber or take on empire forces on the battlefield.”

I know for any budding Star Wars fans, this seems really exciting, and definitely going to be one to watch out for this Christmas. Jedi Challenges is available now for pre-order and will become available in the UK on the 01/11/17. It’s retailing for £249 at the moment, and that includes everything you need to jump into the Jedi hot seat.

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