Unravel 2 is an adorable platform adventure title that can see two friends team up, either online or on one console, bringing back couch co-op. YES! But, if you’re like me and all your friends are on PS4, you have to control both Yarnys yourself, which is easy enough.

So, you play as two Yarnys, which are characters made of yarn (funnily enough), which are around the size of a mouse. This is important, as yarn is used pretty much throughout the entire game to enable your character to pass over gaps in each level.

unravel 2

The two Yarnys are different in colour. By default, one is red and the other is blue. These looks can be customised, but this aspect of the game is extremely basic, allowing users to change the colour of yarn and the head look only.

It’s your job to traverse the giant world by passing simple puzzles, which require both Yarnys to work together. Attached by a string of yarn, red Yarny has to dangle blue Yary of a ledge for blue Yarny to swing across a gap. Blue Yarny then has to help red Yarny across that same gap too. Puzzles are simple enough to be able to include younger gamers too. You can even attach the two together during easier parts of the game.

unravel 2

Level designs are absolutely beautiful, and playing on an Xbox One X and the power that console brings to TV screens only makes it better. It reminded me of a game called Little Nightmares we reviewed not too long ago. Art style is very similar, albeit a little brighter. There’s a massive sense of scale, especially when you find yourself in city locations.

It did take some getting used to however, especially when it came to switching between the different Yarny characters. But the learning curve wasn’t big. Once I remembered button placements, I was zipping and swinging through levels in no time.

unravel 2

The only real issue I had with Unravel 2 is the fact that the puzzles at times felt a little repetitive. But it by no means ruined the experience for me. It just got tedious having to do the same thing several times in a row. It’s still varied enough to keep you coming back for more. I’ve lost track of time a couple of times while playing this title, which is always a good thing I think.

This game is definitely up there as being one of the better mentally challenging titles. It’s definitely a game worth investing in if you are into adventure type puzzle titles. I’m thinking fans of Little Nightmares or the Trine series would get along perfectly with this. Well done EA, good job.