Top Five Apps You Need To Take On Holiday With You

Our bags are getting ever lighter when we pack for our summer holidays, as with the help of technology we are ditching bulky cameras, travel guides and dictionaries in exchange for our smart phone’s app library! 

We’ve been researching some of the best apps to pack to help you get the most out of your holiday, from finding new experiences, to getting the best holidays snaps – make sure you don’t fly away without downloading these apps:

1. Travltalk

If you’re looking to connect with new people on your travels, Travltalk is perfect! It will let you find other travellers in the same city who want to eat, drink and explore the area. You can create your own cards to suggest activities, whether it is sharing a boat when you visit the floating market in Bangkok or just finding a fellow foodie to try a new vegan restaurant in London with.

Cost: Free for your location, 99p to look at other cities before you arrive.
Get it on: App Store and Google Play.


2. Splitwise

This great app lets you split bills with friends, letting you keep track of who owes who what. If you are on holiday together, this is a great app as you can keep easily keep tabs on the bills and just settle up with each other at the end of a holiday!

Cost: Free, but can upgrade to Splitwise Pro for converting bills to different currencies.

Get it on: App Store and Google Play.


3. Adobe Photoshop Express

This amazing app is perfect for making sure your holiday snaps are social media ready! It is a quick, easy and powerful photo editor to have on your phone, which will make your sunsets stand out, edit out photo blemishes and let you create share-worthy collage images!

Cost: Free!
Get it on: App Store and Google Play.


4. TouchNote
If you love taking photos on holiday, this will be a great app for you! It allows you to upload your own photos to create a postcard to send to friends and family. Touchnote print and send the postcard for you, they even let you choose a personalised stamp!

 Cost: App is free, but you need to buy credits to send the postcards!

Get it on: App Store and Google Play.


5. Google Translate

If your going abroad this is a must have – use your phone to hover over a restaurant menu and it will translate it to English in front of your eyes, or simply type what you want to say when you’re haggling for a deal in a market. You can even download the language you want to translate to before you fly, so that you can use the app even when your offline.

Cost: Free!

Get it on: App Store and Google Play.

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