The Christmas period is full of stress and chaos as there’s so many festive events to attend, food to prepare and presents to buy. With so much to plan and organise, things may get out of hand and overwhelming. 

However, there’s an app store full of hidden gems to save you this Christmas, whether it’s money saving on stocking fillers or festive games to entertain the kids. There really is an app for everything… other than stopping the in-laws bickering over the turkey of course. Here are the 5 apps you need on your phone to help you have a stress-free Christmas.



This app is great for saving you money on every Christmas purchase, from stocking fillers to Christmas trees. PIWoP (Price I Want to Pay) checks prices and discounts for you daily. You find the items you want it to monitor, organising them into lists if you want to such as “Christmas Decorations” or “Emma’s Santa List 2018”. Set prices and the tool alerts you when any of the items drop to, or below, these. Saving you time as well as money!

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Elfster secret Santa generator

Long are the days that you would need to put ripped up pieces of paper into a hat, that you’ll inevitably lose. Elfster eliminates all your secret Santa troubles by emailing participants anonymously and even lets you create wish lists so you get the gift that you really want.

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One of the most stressful things about Christmas has to be the Christmas dinner as there’s always so much pressure to cook the best festive feast for the whole family. This app lets you automatically save and organise recipes so they’re all stored in one place to ease the stress on the big day.

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Elf yourself

If you’ve ever wanted to become one of Santa’s elves, this app can make all of your dreams come true. Get the whole family together to create hilarious personalised videos. You can choose five photos to generate into breakdancing elves as you dance through places like Santa’s workshop or the mailroom.

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Advent app 2018

Alternative advent calendars are on the rise, so if you’re not one for eating chocolate first thing in the morning, this advent app could be for you. It lets you create personalised calendars to send to friends , full of pictures, GIFs and even songs for 24 days of surprises.

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Santa tracker – Where is Santa Claus?

The best way to add to the Christmas eve excitement is by tracking where Santa is on his deliveries. The app lets you personalise your profile with a name, age and country, so you can watch what Santa is up to as he counts down to the big day!

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