Too Many Kids Stay Indoors

It’s such a shame that kids today are growing up with smart phones in their lives. I feel like they’re missing out on so much. I remember when I was a kid, leaving the house at 10am and not returning until early hours of the evening. I used to spend my weekends running around the woods, riding my bike and playing football on the local green with my friends. Kids today would rather sit at home, staring at their 5.5″ smart phone screens texting their friends the latest meme over WhatsApp.

Park Resorts are trying to change this. They have created a nifty infographic of the top 10 apps that can get kids of today outside and active. These superb apps are designed to be used outdoors, giving kids the chance to run around and explore nature and other things with friends. There are photo hunts, birdwatching guides, maps and compasses among a whole array of others.

Park Resorts has picked their top 10 favourite kids outdoor activity apps and devised this clever infographic for you all to see.

Kay Knight, Marketing Manager at Park Resorts, said: “Watching kids discover the world around them is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. If you’re planning a getaway in the near future, don’t let technology get in the way of that – instead turn it to your advantage instead with great outdoor play apps.”

Dr Amanda Gummer, psychologist, founder of FundamentallyChildren.com and author of the book Play, commented: “It’s a real step forward that apps and tech is being designed to encourage children to be active outside. Children can often be reluctant to put down their tech so by having ‘cool’ techy activities that promote outdoor play parents are helping their children develop and maintain healthy active lifestyles without the arguments that often ensue when parents force children away from the screens.

“Simple things like walking to the shops and stopping off at a park, or taking the longer way home to go via a play space will help children form healthy habits and attitudes to playing outside from a young age.”

Kids, check out these apps below and get outside and explore. You’ll feel a lot better for doing so. The apps are available over all kind of phones using the Android Play and iOS App Stores.

park resort kids outdoor apps infographic