Unbox the Maono PD200X Dynamic microphone with me, a lightweight, ¬£60 microphone that resembles the Shure MV7 somewhat, and is much cheaper to say to the least. It supports both XLR and USB for dual use with either an audio interface or direct plug-and-play with a laptop or desktop. There’s a headphone port on the bottom so you can engage with real-time monitoring, and a dial on front do you can adjust your volume levels or microphone sensitivity on the fly. Above that is a mute button to completely cut sound. However., use an XLR cable and the front IO features disappear. you’ve got control over your RGB lighting, and you can also use the driver software to adjust a basic EQ, add a limiter and even compressor. I’ve been recording this Short using the PD200X and I must say I think it sounds quite good for basic content creation, and even livestreaming, and the best thing is it won’t break the bank.