Technology Will Save Us Mover Kit Review

In a world where it’s likely that machines and robots will be integrated into modern day society, there’s no wonder that companies such as Technology Will Save Us are releasing things like the Mover Kit. The Mover Kit is essentially a product aimed at children, and encourages kids to grasp the basics of coding, by giving them mini tasks to complete. Talk about planning for the future.

Aimed at kids aged eight and up, the TWSU product is a very basic fitness  watch. It lights up and flashes certain colours depending on how the subject is moving. The product is the shape of a large watch, with several straps including a wrist strap, Velcro strap and neck lanyard on offer. These give the kids the change to attach it to many things like themselves or even their bikes or skateboards.

The whole thing is packaged rather well, giving enough room to take things in and out of the box when required. Inside the box you will find along with the wrist straps two circuit boards that are inserted into the supplied housing and an instruction manual to get you started.

The watch itself was a little fiddly to put together, due to the size of the connections on the two circuit boards, but that may be because I have giant adult hands. To a smaller hand, it should be alot easier to grip.

Once everything was housed, and the strap was put through, it needed a charge, which uses a conventional microUSB connection. I waited a few hours before giving it a test. One thing, which I feel is a design flaw, is that the charging port is under the circuit board’s housing clasp, which is made of rubber. I’m hoping that it’s touch to withstand keep being pulled around, as once the clasp has gone, you will probably need a whole new housing.

The main crux of this product is the ability to code. It uses an app that’s downloadable from the TWSU website and acts as a kind of drag and drop piece of software. There’s no in-depth options, lime adding custom variables, but as I said, this is a way of introducing kids to the world of coding., and showing that products can have multiple uses. The default apps already installed is an activity mover which rewards kids with light shows depending on the movement performed, and a bike light, that glows red and white. The whole thing is extremely bright I must say.

More experienceed kids will get bored of this easily, due to the limited functionality available, but for younger audiences I would say it’s great value. Okay, it’s priced at around ¬£49.99 online, but it’s definitely a worthy purchase if your kids are showing any interest in computers, especially from an education standpoint. You can find more information on the TWSU website.

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