Tech21 Impactology iPhone 6 Case Review

With big cases come big responsibility. Tech21’s Patriot case is really one of the biggest we’ve seen for a mobile phone.

Tech21 have a reputation for building extremely durable mobile phone protection and this one is absolutely solid. It gives your tender iPhone 6 some much-needed protection.

Boasting a 13ft drop survival, the Tech21 Patriot case will definitely keep you out of the iPhone smashed screen club.

The case comes in three parts. First is a front screen overlay to give screen a layer of cover. The second part is a rubber shell which wraps around the rear of the phone giving the back panel and sides a layer of toughness. The third part is a plastic holder for the rubber shell connected to the biggest belt clip ever. The plastic outer layer can be removed if the clip doesn’t take your fancy. However, do this and you remove an entire layer of protection.

With the media picking up on the pocket bending of the newest iPhone models, this case will definitely be your best friend.

The Patriot case is also splash proof. Don’t mistake that for water proof, it’ll only keep the phone protected in light rain.

The case works well and definitely made us feel safer swinging our iPhones around. The only issue is it is so big. Yet with a lack of decent cases out there for your iPhone 6, Tech 21 have definitely filled a hole in the market.

This case is a tank. Techc21’s Twitter is alight with stories of how their cases have kept their customers out of trouble. Maybe you could add yours to the mix once your iPhone 6 is protected with one of the Patriot cases?

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