Tapo are an off-shoot of the popular networking company TP-Link, and houses their new range of smart home products, like bulbs and plug sockets. Today we’re concentrating on the Tapo L530E, which is a very inexpensive way of bringing some RGB goodness to your home.

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Set up was an absolutely fantastic process. After screwing the bulb into my lamp, I turned it on. The bulb blinked three times, and I began the set up in the Tapo app on my Google Pixel 4 XL. From there, it was simple to follow the steps, make my wireless Mesh network see the bulb and connect. It remembered my network flawlessly throughout my time of testing, which is something that’s been a struggle with our brand smart bulbs in the past.

The app is simple to use too, and lets users set up their own preset colours, and also schedules. Want to wake up at 6am with an orange glow, and by the time you go to bed you want it blue? You can do it here. There’s also a timer feature too. The ‘Away’ feature is nice. It lets users set their bulbs to away, so if you were to go on holiday for an extended break, the bulbs won’t keep turning on and off when you’re not in the house. Once your holiday is over, your schedule remains as usual.

The bulb is nowhere near as bright as the standard L510E we reviewed before. That thing was bright. The Tapo L530 offers users more of an ambience in a room. Like something you would put on if you’re going to be watching a movie on the living room TV. For me, I have mine inside of a lamp on my while I’m working on my PC, to reduce the glare from my monitor while working.

What’s nice about the Tapo L530E and even their other bulbs is that they’re not hugely expensive. This one comes in at around ¬£16 online, which isn’t too bad considering the app is very clean and the product itself is very easy to set up. Plus being able to turn your house into an RGB heaven? Can’t be bad right?