Are Superheroes Really Heroes When Tech Is Involved?

It’s a question I keep asking myself every time a new superhero movie hits the big screen. Are they actually a super hero or are they just a rich human trying to make a change to the state of society that surrounds them?

Take Iron Man for example. If Tony Stark didn’t have Stark Industries and didn’t have all that cash, was a regular, average Joe, would he still be a hero? Or if Peter Parker was bitten by a spider, but didn’t have a science background (according to the Marvel comics) to design web shooters, would he still be a hero, or just a victim of spider poisoning?

Tony Stark doesn’t have powers, he has tech and cash to built metal suits and rocket boots. Peter Parker, sure has some powers like spider-sense and some mean reaction times, but would probably not be recognised as a hero because of these. But he does have a suit. Batman, let’s not get started on Batman.

But then you’ve got heroes like Superman, the Flash, Phoenix and Prof. X, the Hulk and many more. These guys are superheroes. They have special abilities that the average human couldn’t even dream of having. Super strength or lasers for eyes, super speed or the ability to telepathically enter a mind.

So why are there characters out there, that ultimately rely on technology to save worlds, branded super heroes? Surely these are just rich people who want to make a difference to the crime rates of their city? Or is it because they have that attitude that they are branded a superhero?

I would love to know where you stand on this issue. Are these tech lovers superheroes? Or does that term need to be saved for those with actual powers, physically and mentally? Let us know in the comments. Oh, and while you’re going to the comment box, check out this awesome infographic made by Plusnet, the UK home broadband provider on what tech would be needed to make the ultimate super hero *cough* fancy police officer. Also, don’t forget to go check out Black Panther in cinemas nationwide.

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