Super Exploding Zoo (PS4) Review

As a child I loved to visit the zoo but I was always aware that the animals were there for my amusement which always felt strange. As humans, we feel its completely acceptable to capture a wild animal, tear them away from their natural environment and put them into an iron cage and then stare at them for our amusement. No wonder they always look so depressed. If anything it’s the best metaphor for working a 9 – 5 office based job I can think of. I’ve just escaped from my concrete office cage for the day to come home and play this game and review it. How lucky am I? Honestly though as I write this, my Editor threatens to beat me with an electrified stick used to control big animals if I don’t stick to my very strict output pattern for games reviews. Now I know why those animals in super exploding zoo went crazy.

Now the title tells you everything you need to know about this game. It’s an exploding animal zoo. It honestly doesn’t get much more complicated than that. I wondered as I waited for the 1.2GB game to download if Michael Bay had a hand in this video game. I watched the trailer provided and all the animals seemed to just love exploding. In fact it managed to make the Transformers series look like a episode of Sesame Street, as the animals are slowly directed to there impending explosive doom.

I sometimes wonder if indie developers make a game based on an idea of gameplay or mechanics and then build around it as I’m not sure I know of any animal that can spontaneously explode in a ball of fire. But then again I might be reading into the concept far too much as video games aren’t exactly known for making sense. I like to think the animals may have been experimented on by a Joseph Mengele type veterinary nurse at the zoo who felt fit to implant a bomb into each animal as he laughed manically in his blood soaked operating scrubs. But I won’t be rushing to tell my daughter what’s going through my sick head as she keeps asking me “Daddy why do they keep farting?” as she watches me play the game.

The style of the game is very cute with cartoony graphics, bright colors and a happy soundtrack that reminded me of an episode of the bizzare & gruesome Happy Tree Friends. Super Exploding Zoo comes with a straightforward goal: collect animals, protect the egg, and kill the monsters. Challenges come in the form of  increasingly difficult puzzles. I feel that this would more suit an iPad or tablet and the price of £7.99 seems too steep for what you get. There is however replayability through the collectible stickers. It starts getting challenging after the level 10 mark giving you multiple squads of animals to direct to solve the ever increasing puzzles.

My overall view is this is a good game that  does get challenging, It would be better suited to a mobile format. I feel it wouldn’t demand a £7.99 price tag if it were available on iOS and Android devices. Although remember if you grab it now its still free, and that way as charlie sheen says you’re “forever winning.”