STM Dux Plus iPad Pro Case Review

STM Dux Plus iPad Pro Case

STM  make bags, and we’ve checked them out on the site before. But what’s new to us is their cases, like this STM Dux Plus iPad Pro Case that they sent us through to take a look at. It’s for the new iPad Pro 12.9″ which Apple are pumping out for nearly £800 now. It’s a big case, but the tablet it big, so needs a decent amount of protection incase it’s dropped.

The STM Dux Plus comes in a folio style meaning it opens up like a book. That front flap cover can also double up as a stand, so you can put your iPad Pro on the desk and watch some Netflix or type on it using a wireless keyboard. it uses the weight of the iPad and two hooks on the rear of the case to catch the folding front flap. It’s a neat idea, but practically speaking, it’s not the most secure ways of holding this tablet upright.

The front is made from leather, while the back has been coated in a hard rubber. There is a clear screen on the back so you can show off your tablet while using it to show off to every body that you’re “one of those people.” I tend to find the best place for this is your local coffee shop or vegan lunch eatery. It’s a nice design, but feel like the clear screen is a bit of a security failure.

The case will offer your iPad Pro a decent amount of protection for sure, as when it’s stored away it’ll be covered 100%. When it’s out however, you got the solid rubber corners to protect it from drops and bangs. There’s even a layer of what looks like suspension or some kind of dampener to give it some extra protection if dropped, giving the case more bounce and to soften the blow to a corner. That’s a great feature and will hopefully lead to far less screen cracks.

I’ve found the case online for around £50, which I don’t think is too bad for such level of protection. It’s a stylish looking case, and one that would definitely turn heads when you get it out in public as it’s going to add an inch or so to the thickness of your iPad Pro. For more information, check out the STM website.

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