STK Soap 3 in 1 Power Bank Review

Nothing bugs me more than being caught out by my lack of battery on my mobile phone. Being able to charge on the go, especially with busy lifestyles is important. That’s why STK have brought their new 3 in 1 portable charger to the table.

The STK Soap 3 in 1 Power Bank is a portable charging station that’s small enough to carry in your pocket. And yes, it’s exactly the size of an average bar of soap.

The portable charger offers between 5 – 6 hours charging time, more than enough to give your phone a full tank of juice. We managed to charge a dead iPod full several times before we had to charge the power bank again.

The STK Soap 3 in 1 Power Bank comes with a USB charging connector that will plug into a computer or compatible USB plug adapter. The plug adapter isn’t included but your mobile phone charger will be suffice. There is also a 30-pin adapter for the older generation iPhones, an 8-pin adapter for the newer generation iPhones as well as a micro USB adapter which is compatible with most Android phones out there on the market. I would have liked to have seen a newer USB 3.0 adapter seeing as some larger phones such as my Samsung Note 3 uses this but it does currently cover a huge range of phones, tablets and other devices out there.

The centre lights indicate how much power is left in the STK Soap 3 in 1 Power Bank. They shine a bright green semicircle in 20% increments which is very clear to read. The light at the top left of the STK Soap 3 in 1 Power Bank shows the voltage output. If the light is flashing blue it means it’s kicking out 1.0A. If it flashes green it’s throwing out 0.5A. The voltage can be changed with a press of the multifunction switch. Please note you need to match up the voltage to the desired charging product. Too high and you could risk ruining your device.

The STK Soap 3 in 1 Power Bank enables you to charge your products in tight spaces. I carry this one around everywhere I go in my backpack just so I’m safe. The 6 hours charging time as I said is more than enough to charge any device from flat to full and it’s a good size for portable use too.

Head over to the STK website for a list of compatible products, there are tons of them.