Mobile phone battery is a problem with the latest Smart phones. I have been caught short on many occasions of running out of juice on the go. I tend to use apps that are power hungry such as Google Maps. STK Accessories have come up with an all-in-one solution to this problem.

The STK Accessories Essential Power Pack is the answer to small battery lifetimes. I’ve been using the pack now for the last few weeks and it has been such a helpful aid to my day-to-day phone use. The pack comes with a 3-pin UK mains adapter. In the box you will also find a USB car adapter which can be used not just for your mobile phone, but your sat-nav and other devices too. The most useful accessory in the STK Accessories Essential Power Pack is the external battery.

I have used this item day-to-day now and can get a superb charge from my phone. Once my battery is getting low, plug it into the USB battery and charge your phone on the go. Simple. I charge the external battery every two days so that stays full.

Again the external battery has a USB port on the side. It’s advertised as a mobile accessory but can also be used on other items on the go. Anything that requires USB charging is compatible with the device.

You can find your own STK Accessories Essential Power Pack here and can be purchased  for £25 from