Steljes Launches Audio Product Range

British audio/visual company Steljes has just launched their new debut audio range, which combines their world-class knowledge in audio reproduction and also style.

The audio devices will be equipped with  the necessary features to be able to keep up with the current audio-visual market. They also look absolutely superb, and come in a variety of colours and styles.

It’s proof that an industry startup can combine their global knowledge of the market to create something truly remarkable.

There are nine models in total to come out of Steljes’ first round line-up. You will find several powered home stereo hi-fi speakers, an audio streamer for you to connect to existing stereo equipment, a tube amplifier and also digital amplifier and a couple of audio soundbars. There are two DAB radios being thrown into the mix too.

Most of the products being offered all have Bluetooth connectivity, something that any new sound device should really have. The soundbars are also slim enough to look great next to your new LED television screens.

FRom what we’ve seen so far, the Steljes Audio products look absolutely fantastic, and have a very retro-esque vibe to them which we like, They will look great in any kind of living room, old or modern.

Unfortunately we don’t have any idea of the type of pricing that’s attached, but will keep you posted as soon as we find out. Hopefully some reviews will follow suit too to give you guys an idea of the quality of the products offered by Steljes. You can find more information over on their website. For now, check out our gallery below for more information on the new products to be released.