If you were expecting TVs, cameras, and other consumer tech at Sony’s CES 2022 keynote, think again. This year they were super focused on their PSVR2, Sense 2 controllers and even a new electric vehicle!+

You will be able to find new sensory features, enhanced control tracking and eye-tracking tech. There’s also new responsive feedback in the headset too, so players will experience small vibrations when things interact with them in the game. Not sure how a headshot’s going to feel, but I doubt it’ll be anything too wild.

You’ll be able to experience new games in 4k HDR, foveated rendering and 110-degree field of view.

The controllers weren’t spoken too much about except for a small mention about how they’re better to interact with things inside of games. I’m guessing haptic feedback and better tracking, that sort of thing.

Though what was surprising, is that Sony has announced a brand new Horizon game, called Call Of The Mountain, and they even showed off a trailer too. Not sure if it’ll compare to the experiences gamers had with Zero Dawn or will live up to the hype that Forbidden West is bringing, but it’ll be nice to jump into the Horizon franchise and experience it from a different point of view.

Sony’s biggest surprise however came in the form of an electric SUV, called the Vision-S. We saw a couple of years ago that Sony was working on an electric vehicle, and we even got to look around it, but this time, they’ve introduced a brand new vehicle company called Sony Mobility Inc and are currently exploring a commercial launch. Will it happen? No. Car companies are extremely difficult to make profitable, and it almost feels like a bit of a brag. Kind of like ‘we can do this, what can you do?’ I mean, don’t get me wrong, but how many are Sony going to actually sell? Maybe a few. To rich people and tech YouTubers but the world’s not going to be flooded with Sony cars any time soon.

Tom Holland made an appearance to talk about Uncharted and the new movie coming out soon. Marky Mark didn’t show up though. But of a let down. Probably making another Netflix exclusive movie about being a war hero somewhere. But anyhoo, that’s a wrap on our brief roundup. Nothing too exciting again this time round. It’s becoming a bit of a trend this year I fear for CES that brands aren’t releasing big new exciting products, maybe it’s COVID, maybe things just aren’t ready yet? Who knows. But anyway, thanks for watching, and make sure you check out our other CES 2022 roundup videos in our new playlist here. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video.