Softmaker Office 2016 Review

The office application market has been completely dominated by Microsoft since the birth of computers that you probably haven’t even heard of Softmaker. Saying that, you’re probably not aware that other developers are continually making office application software for you to use.

So Softmaker, what is it? Softmaker Office is a software developed to bring competition to the office application market. Inside their most recent 2016 version you will find TextMaker 2016, PlanMaker 2016 and Presentations 2016. These take on the form of the known products from Microsoft being Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Softmaker Office 2016 has made their versions feel familiar, so you aren’t put off with learning something new, and it works. Yes, symbols have changed and some colours are slightly different, but the model that Softmaker have gone with is a very similar layout to Microsoft.

One big thing I do like about Softmaker Office 2016 is the loading times. Now my laptop is running an i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and TextMaker 2016 launches within seconds, even if the document is full of work. This definitely beats Micrsoft’s loading times hands down.

It is also very simple to recognise what everything does as symbols and text on-screen is very user-friendly. Think Microsoft Office 2003, my personal favourite office application to use. Softmaker Office 2016 is that. A simple, very clear office application that is as powerful and customisable as the more popular applications.

My biggest concern was the way you saved documents as work places or schools all tend to run on Microsoft Office applications. Well don’t worry. You have the choice to save your document to be compatible with a number of office suites so transferring work between computers is a breeze.

Softmaker Office 2016 comes with licences for up to three PCs for only 69.99 Euros. Bargain if you ask me, You can find out more information on the Softmaker website.