Sharp who are generally known for their televisions have just announced they will be releasing several portable speakers to the market. The model numbers will be GX-BT180, GX-BT280 and GX-BT480 on the UK market, and they range from small and portable, to more home living room kind of setups.

I’ll run through each one individually to give you a sense of what’s to come.


The Sharp GX-BT180 is the smallest of the three and is aimed at more the traveller or holiday maker. It weights only 240g and has a decent battery life inside for continuous music playback. There is a loop that can be attached to a backpack or a bike too. Inside are a total 14W RMS stereo speaker setup and two passive bass radiators which I’m assuming from their shape and design are going to fire out at each end of the cylinder. The three colours will be available and retailing for around £54.99.


Being larger in size than the BX180, the three speakers feature a 20w RMS stereo speakers and again two bass radiators. Due to its size I’m estimating audio quality will be a lot higher here than it will on its smaller sibling. Battery here will last around 12 hours worth of playtime and all three colours will retail for around £69.99.


The largest of the three new speakers, it can kick out over 100dB in volume thanks to its 40w RMS stereo speaker setup. This is more your party/living room wireless speaker due to its size and power. It features a 20 hour battery life to last all through the night, and has a carry-strap, microSD card reader for music playback and as pre-set equilisation modes which you can set depending on the genre of music you are listening to. It’s also available in black, red blue and grey and will retail at around £129.99.