It took me a while on whether or not I should review the Sennheiser Memory Mic, but I would be doing a disservice to others if I didn’t. On paper, the Memory Mic looks like a fantastic bit of kit, perfect for those wanting to capture great quality audio from meetings, Instagram vloggers, or even news reporters in the field. But in reality, and my experience, is its a buggy mess. But we’ll get to the issues I’ve had in a moment.

The product is essentially a lavaliere microphone. It’s a lot larger which means its heavier, so make sure you attach it to a tough piece of clothing, otherwise your clothes will droop. There’s a pressure clip on the back that’s rubberised so it hooks on with ease. It’s small enough not to intrude when holding it in their face during an interview session either.

sennheiser memory mic

The Sennheiser Memory Mic has a four hour battery, but this really depends on how often you use it. There is a USB Type-C on the bottom which is where you charge the microphone. It’s a quick charge too which means you can get back into the action faster. It sits within a frequency range of 100Hz – 20kHz and has a high-pass filter to cut out unwanted wind sounds. It captures 16-bit audio at 48kHz.

Now, onto the problems I’ve been having. You need the Memory Mic app, which can be downloaded from the iOS or Android app stores respectively. Connecting the microphone to my phone was extremely temperamental. One minute it would connect and the next, would not find the mic at all. Secondly, the app could not access my video camera no matter how many times I tried. Every time I wanted to record a video, the app crashed. This happened on four different phones: a Google Pixel 3, Honor 7X, a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a budget Nuu Mobile G3. None of them worked with video.

For the couple of times I successfully managed to sync the mic, I could only record audio. The audio tests I ran sounded very full. I stuck to the medium sensitivity option, and it did a great job of picking up my voice, even though there was background noise going on in the area I was recording. My voice sounded clear and sharp, and would definitely be enough for you social media users out there looking to record audio on the go.

It’s also strange that the Sennheiser Memory Mic needed its own separate app to work. I wish I could have bypassed this and use the standard camera app on my Google Pixel 3, as it would mean I could remove the need to use what I would call broken app. Hopefully future updates may fix this, but I’m not holding my breath for a quick fix.

sennheiser memory mic

It’s a nice idea, and as I said on paper, seems great. But in reality, the need to use a broken app to make this product work makes it too hard to recommend, especially when Sennheiser are selling this for a whopping ¬£179. If you would like more information, then head over to the Sennheiser website.

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