Now here’s something I never thought I’d see happen! Spanish car manufacturer SEAT have now made a motorcycle, and it’s electric!

The e-Scooter as it’s being branded is a concept right now, but it comes from the fact that more zero emmision vehicles are needed, especially in cities.

Power isn’t too bad either. The SEAT e-Scooter has an 11kW motor which is near enough equivalent to a 125CC petrol engine nd has a top speed of around 62mph. Okay, so not breathtaking in speed, but it’s certainly enough to roam around busy streets.

seat e-scooter

What more, the battery gives the bike a range of around 71 miles, which again is plenty for city travellers. It also follows the launch of the new SEAT Mii, which is their electtric car offering.

And to place the cherry on top, it’ll only cost you 60 – 70p to fully charge from empty.

They’re aiming for a release next year, and has been deceloped with Silence. There’s been no confirmation if the bike is coming to the UK though, so keep those fingers crossed.

The SEAT e-Scooter has two USB ports, a place to hold your mobile phone, and also a removable battery so you can charge it inside.

seat e-scooter

Lucas Casasnovas, head of urban mobility at SEAT, said: “We aim to become an ally for cities and the SEAT e-Scooter concept is the answer to public demand for a more agile mobility.

“Our collaboration with Silence is an example of how cooperation between partners enables us to be more efficient.”

Joan Melenchon, a designer at SEAT, said: “We mostly wanted it to be a vehicle that is straightforward, iconic and practical.

“We steered away from making a visually minimalist package, concentrating instead on its pared down utility.”