Samsung Announce World’s First 8K HDR10+ Ecosystem

samsung 8k hdr worlds first 1

Personally, I thought 8K content was a long way off. But apparently not. And Samsung are leading the pack with their new partnership with various major streaming services.

Samsung has announced that they will be partnering with CHILI, The Explorers and MEGOGO to bring consumers the world’s first 8K HDR10+ content to compatible televisions. Samsung have described the streaming services as OTT service providers.

There’s also news that various other streaming platforms like Rakuten TV, Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta TV and Videociet will be adopting HDR10+ support for their VoD services between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. Not too far away at all!

There’s no denying that Samsung as I said are at the forefront of HDR tech, as they’re the ones who began the HDR10+ logo certification with Panasonic and 20th Century Fox last year. They’ve had 81 companies join the program since, which puts Samsung in a very influential position.

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