Rubgy Stars Review TVs

With the Rugby World Cup 2015 starting at the end of the week, Dixons Retail teamed up with England rugby stars  Luther Burrell, Ben Foden and former England defence coach Mike Ford to review some of their brand new flagship 4K LED televisions.

Dixons Retail are the parent company to high street consumer technology experts Currys and PC World. The stint is to show how customers can feel as immersed in the traditional game at home just as much as being in a stadium. This is all thanks to the curved screen of the newer televisions.

Luther commented that 4K TVs can actually deliver a more intimate viewing experience. He added that “you’re almost going to see more on these TVs than you would being sat in a stadium around 80,000 rowdy fans distracting you. You’ve got absolutely brilliant picture quality, the clarity is amazing, very vibrant, and you’re not going to miss a trick. You’re going to be up close and personal, as the players are. It’s a fantastic experience.”

So we won’t let you wait any longer, look below to check out how the rugby superstars felt about each TV. They’ve even ranked them in order of performance.


Samsung JS9000 – £2,699

samsung js9000 1

Coming in first place for creating the most immersive at-home experience was the Samsung JS9000, which with its large curved screen and impressive speaker system is sure to “dominate a noisy room full of supporters” as noted by Ben. Luther added that “it’s perfect for [his] home”

Best for: picture quality, delivered by its Nano Crystal Technology feature.


Panasonic CX700 – £899

panasonic cx700 1

Second on the list, scoring points for great value for money and impressive picture quality was the Panasonic CX700. Described as “slick, smart and stylish” by Luther and as having “true to life tones” by Mike, this product is also almost 1/3 of the price of the first place winner – great for those on a budget.

Best for: value for money for screen size.


LG UF850 – £799

lg uf850 1

The trio were easily in agreement over the third place 4K TV, citing the LG UF850 as having the most “user-friendly” SMART TV system” according to Ben, ensuring that games could be easily found, viewed, and recorded. Mike added that the pointer-style remote made the “play, pause and rewind features so quick to use” which is crucial for a coach needing to playback every last move.

Best for: user-friendly interface.

Samsung JU6740 – £699

samsung ju6740 1

When asked about what was important to him when watching games, Luther commented that “it’s important we don’t miss the fine margins; was it a try? We can’t have a poor quality image and this TV really delivers on this aspect!” The Samsung JU6740, a curved screen TV, was also commended for its “sleek design and curve effect” by Ben, who added that although aesthetics isn’t the primary focus for a TV it definitely helps when the product also looks beautiful.

Best for: sleek design and aesthetics.


Samsung JU6445 – £599

samsung ju6445 1

This TV, also the least expensive of the bunch, earned its fifth place position for having “quick and easy streaming” according to Luther and “good, crisp sound” as noted by Ben, both of which are extremely important when you need to access old game plays on YouTube to keep the atmosphere going between matches.

Best for: sound quality.


Sony X8309 – £799

sony x8309 1

And finally, the sixth place 4K TV – commended for its “simplistic design, surprising sound quality” and for being a great size for “the average family lounge” by Mike – goes to the Sony which is run by the Android operating system making it “easy to work around” and offering a “good range of services from Google” according to Luther.

Best for: family home.


So here we have it, straight from the horses mouths, the best Ultra High Definition TVs laid out for you. And to make it simple, they’re all available from Currys PC World stores or online. Get yours now to get the best out of the Rugby World Cup 2015.