Roto VR Just Won New Investment

Roto VR, the innovative spinning chair while you game has just got a $300,000 funding increase. The Roto VR chair will hopefully now be launching as early s May 2016!

Get ready as you gear up in your Roto VR chair for the most immersive home virtual reality set up on the market.

Elliot Myers, the man behind the Roto VR teamed up with Jensons Solutions to successfully win a $300,000 equity investment to help with the launch.

The chair matches real world movements to those inside the game by syncing players’ eyes and inner-ear balance. Doing it this way promises to remove tangling cables and reduce motion sickness which has been reported happening in the past.

We’re so excited to see our vision for Roto become a reality and to offer developers and consumers our vision of what the seated VR experience should be” commented Elliott Myers, CEO at Roto VR. “It’s particularly exciting to launch alongside 1st party HMDs from May, 2016. Roto provides the ultimate in seated VR experiences, just kick back and let Roto do all the hard work.

So there it is, the highly anticipated Roto VR will hopefully be with us by May next year. Hopefully being the key word. If it turns into another Oculus Rift wait time then it may lose a bit of interest. We also have no idea how much this thing will cost either, but we will let you know as soon as we hear something.

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    Rob Bromley

    Any updates on this story?

    • Stef Murphy
      Stef Murphy

      The latest we have seen is that Roto VR cancelled its Kickstarter campaign a while ago due to a lack of funding before the closing date. We haven’t heard much more than that I’m afraid at this time. Any major announcements and we’ll be sure to cover it.

    • Stef Murphy
      Stef Murphy

      Hi Rob,

      Some news for you. Roto VR today announced that the chair will be launched this July at an RRP of %499.00. However, they are also offering up to $100 discount to early buyers.

      Hope this helps.

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