Actioncams are becoming ever popular with extreme sports lovers so it makes sense that Rollei jumped on board with their new product, the S50 Actioncam

The new Rollei S50 does not disappoint when it comes to taking a hammering.

It shoots in full 1080p at 30 frames per-second, or fps. Great for high speed extreme sports such as snowboarding. You can create some real sharp results.

There is a 135-degree viewing angle present to capture some truly wide shots.

Watersport lovers can also take advantage of the Roller S50 as it comes with a full waterproof housing.

Using your smartphone and a simple app you can live video stream all of your daring moments to popular social networking websites.

There is the option to increase the frame-rate up to 60fps. This enables the capture of beautiful crystal clear slow-motion images.

Nothing much happening on screen between that rail and ramp? Include a time lapse function to really add some action to the videos you create.

Actioncams have really jumped into the market, knocking back the likes of Go Pro.