Roehampton Uni Offering Gaming Scholorships

roehamption university

Since eSports became a ‘thing’ who would have guessed that it would have interlaced with education? Well it has, in a pretty big way now that the University of Roehampton offer scholarships to new eSports gamers.

If you think you’re pretty hot when it comes to the latest eSports games, then why not think about applying for a degree? Successful applicants will obtain a scholarship worth £1,500 a year, on either an undergraduate or postgraduate course at the university.

Ten eSports scholarships will be available for students enrolling in 2019 and applications will be expected from September 2018.

roehamption university

The gaming scholarship has been designed to work like regular sports scholarships, with the player having to show dedication and aptitude towards their chosen title. Roehampton University haven’t confirmed which games they’re focusing on, and there are up to 10 scholarships available to new students enrolling for the 2019 academic year.

Mark Ellul, Registrar at the University of Roehampton, said: “This scholarship is about recognising talent in a field that has a growing popularity both around the world and among our students. The University of Roehampton already has a successful sports programme, underpinned by financial and coaching support for students who excel in their chosen field, and this new scholarship is a natural progression from that as we seek to develop our wider offering in eSports.”

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