Rocket League (PS4) Review

It’s July already and I honestly can’t believe how quickly 2015 is passing. Now lots of very important things have already happened this month. I know what you are thinking; ‘surely the most important piece of news this month is that North Korea have found a cure for AIDS, MERS and Ebola.’ As exciting as this is I think it’s slightly outweighed by the monumental news that archaeologists had discovered a unicorn lair in its capital city of Pyongyang. I honestly doubted the existence of unicorns but now that I have read the press release I can say with certainty the great North Korea isn’t one to make up lies. Be serious guys! This statement isn’t at all to do with the gun that’s pointing at me, why does it always have to resort to violence?

Well another interesting thing about the month of July are the new PlayStation Plus games I’ve found myself playing. It’s another game where I’m driving a car and to be honest, it isn’t rubbish! It’s honestly amazing! I seriously thought I would hate it as I don’t really like driving games and football is pretty boring for me, but this game just hit the spot. What a perfect match, like peanut butter and chocolate.

I really am struggling to come up with anything I dislike as I play this game, so let’s cover how it actually works. You play football in a rocket powered car against another team of cars. You spend your time primarily trying to smash the over-sized ball into each other’s goal whilst flying through the air, boosting, while learning how to shoot and defend.

If that all sounds a bit too complicated there’s a really in-depth tutorial to get you started so don’t panic. The physics can somewhat feel a bit OTT. I do think they could tone that down as coming from DriveClub to this I feel like I needed to unlearn everything about physics and progressive breaking.

But above all else Rocket Cars is fun. It’s best played with four real friends on one TV old school style. This is where the game really opens up, and it brings me back to those wonderful days of N64 split screen Golden Eye matches with its fast paced action and rivalry.

Go and get this game now. Seriously, why are you still reading this review? Go and get the game, install it, play it and have fun. It’s a Wednesday. No one does anything fun on a Wednesday.

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