Read Your Favourite Magazines With Readly

There will come a time when print journalism will die. It’s coming soon trust me. But it’s going to be a shame that the world will no longer have access to their favourite magazines. Well Readly have found a handy way around this.

Think Netflix for magazines. Readly charge £7.99 a month for their subscription service which will literally put pretty much every single magazine you would see in a supermarket for example onto your mobile phone or tablet.

Once you’ve subscribed, you’ve got unlimited access to all of these magazines. Favourite them to keep the most up to date magazine in your library. You can set the amount of magazines within a series you can favourite. By default this is 30. So for me for example, if I fill my favourites up with 30 T3 and Stuff magazines, if I favourite another one, it will then remove the oldest one favourited. Saves your phone’s storage space from running out completely.

Personally I think a tablet would be so much better for this as the text on a magazine page ends up being quite small on a mobile phone screen. There is a way of zooming in each page though to be able to read the smallest of writing, but it’s quite time consuming if you’re wanting to skim read an article.

i think that £7.99 is a fair price for unlimited magazine access. I don’t usually buy magazines because the magazines I would choose cost a minimum of £5 anyway. So for a little bit more, I’ve got unlimited access to several magazines I would purchase in the shops.

It’s a great idea, and one that would suit maybe a commuter down to a tee. It will pass the time quickly while sitting on a train, trust me. If you would like more information then why not head over to the Readly website. There is a free trial there so you can try the service before investing too.