QPad 5K Gaming Mouse Review

Mice designs are important to me. I have reletively large hands so finding a gaming mouse that feels super comfortable can be a challenge. I like a bigger mouse, there, I said it, sue me.

The QPad 5K comes in a stylish black box with minimal detail. It gives a nice overview of the spec sheet down the left hand side with some more detail on the rear. The mouse itself is nicely packaged and doesn’t come with anything other than the mouse itself and some spare glide pads marketed as GLIDZ. Very simple.

The QPad 5K has been ergonomically designed to fit your hand comfortably including recessess for your ring and little finger. Note, this mouse needs a palm grip to effectively use it which suited me down to a tee. People with smaller hands may find it a bit difficult to manage.

The 5K is classed as a six button mouse. However, two of those buttons under the scroll wheel are dedicated to switching the CPI level. One setting is super sensitive, and the other is at the opposide end of the scale. I actively switch between both settings depending on the game I am playing and what I am doing in that game. Switching is easy and location works fine for me. My middle finger can easilly slip under the scroll wheel to tap the buttons.

Response time of each mouse button is very good. I never had to press very hard which helped with reaction times while playing first person shooters. The extra thumb buttons come in handy as well.

Downloading the drivers were simple although I had to check what firmware version I had before selecting the correct file to install. Seemed a little foreign to me seeing as other mice I have reviewed have been one utility suite to operate. Not a huge hunderence but I would have liked it to be a little cleaner.

Once installed the driver is very easy to get your head around. There are very simple options to choose from such as colour of the mouse’s LED and the sensitivity of each CPI setting. There is a handy macro setting option too for you gamers you love to combine keys together.

The QPad 5K was a dream to use, and definitely came out on top over more well known gaming mice which surprised me as they seem like an underdog type of brand. However, I would definitely recommend this mouse for gamers who appreciate simplicity and comfort when gaming for hours.