Not much is known about QDOS for us. It’s the first time we’ve come across the brand before, but they essentially make mobile phone cases and accessories. Taking a look at their website they seem to be very iPhone and Samsung phone orientated, with a few Huawei phones chucked in for good measure. Sorry sorry every one else, this probably won’t be a review for you.

The case we’ve got here is the QDOS Optiguard which is advertised having an infinity glass design. What this means is the case will basically look invisible when it’s on the phone. Well, apart from the smudgy finger prints that is. It’s got a glass front and back, and uses magnets to seal your phone between each side.

The case is made from Asahi glass panels with an aluminium alloy frame according to its website. Google it and you’ll get video results of people putting it to the test. It’s very strong and pretty scratch resistant too. Although unfortunately we don’t have an iPhone XS in the office – yes I know, a tech site without one is basically sacrilege – but I still dropped the case on a tiled floor a number of times and no damage which was a good sign.

Overall I quite liked the aesthetic of the case and how it could potentially look on your shiny new iPhone XS. Of course, phones are designed to look awesome and not to belong in a case. Well I think the QDOS Optiguard gives you the best of both worlds. Great looking phone that you can still show off, all the while protecting it from those split second mistakes. For more information, head over to the QDOS website.


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