QPad QH-90 Gaming Headset Review

QPad are growing very quickly with their new range of PC gaming peripherals. From their keyboards to mice to headsets, each product is simple in design, but powerful in usage. QPads aim is to build professional gaming gear for a budget price tag, which they pull off very well. We were sent a new QPad QH-90 gaming headset to test. Here is what we thought.

On firsst impressions the box is huge. It is designed very well giving off a good quality product vibe which I definitely like. The box inside is padded to give these lavish headphones extreme protection while hanging on the shelves or in transport.

The headphones themselves are extremely light for your head coming in at 350g. They’re some of the comfiest headsets we’ve reviewed. The earpads are cushioned so they feel relaxed against your ears and don’t cause much strain when gaming for long hours.

The cans sound great and are comparable to some of the higher priced headsets on the market. However, it lacks some of the lower frequencies for bass levels. The QH-90s have superb clarity, which sounds extremely crisp. We would like to see some warmer bass levels next time. I’m nowhere near saying these headphones are bad and I had such a good time using them. I even replaced my prior full-time headset for a set of QH-90s.

QPad have included a number of cabling options, for PC gaming and mobile smart phones. The first has the audio and microphone cable and the latter a single 3.5mm jack to go into the headphone port of your mobile. They’re small enough to wear them on the street. There is minimal audio leakage thanks to theĀ over the ear cushion design. Music again lacks some bass levels compared to higher priced headphones.

Halfway down the cable is a control box which compared to the build quality of the headphones is kind of lacking. The box is used to turn your volume up and down, mute sound and answer calls for hands free calling. It’s functional, but I would have liked to have seen a better build quality seeing as the headphones have had so much effort go into them.

Overall the QPad QH-90 is a solid gaming headset. It’s comfortable, sounds extremely good and is built with longevity in mind. There are only small things that have slightly botheredĀ me and that’s the bass levels and the build quality of the control box. I would definitely recommend this headset for any PC gamer on a budget.