Polk Audio ZX Striker Headset Review

Polk are taking the audio market by storm with their brand new Polk Audio ZX Striker gaming headset for the Xbox One. They have aimed for the best of both worlds, comfort and sound quality, and have delivered on both. The Polk Audio ZX Striker headset comes with an Xbox One controller adapter to control the volume through the headphones as well as speech.

You have a choice on how your volume is heard, a balance between television and headphones. The setting is on a balance so for example 50/50 will be an equal sound coming from the headphones and TV. If it was set for example to 70/30 it means there will be more sound coming from your headphones. A great feature if you’re sitting round your Xbox One in a group.

There are several colour options available, the best in my opinion are the orange and white version. Polk Audio have done a great job on style where the headphones actually look good. With cushioned ear-cups they feel fantastic over long gaming sessions too.

The extendable mic offers flexibility so you can position it where ever feels comfortable and to match the sound of your voice. I got some feedback from my friends while playing that my voice was coming through to loud. A quick adjustment of the microphone sorted this.

The Polk Audio ZX Striker headset is made of a very light plastic. It almost feels like there is nothing on your head which is great for extended play.

The only issue I found with the headset is its minor lack of bass. Sound quality is great but I would have liked to hear a little more from the lower end. I’m not saying it isn’t present, a good amount of rumble happens in the cups, but a little bit more would have been great for those distance grenade explosions on Battlefield 4 or the rumble of the engine on Forza 5.

For a sub-£100 headset, the Polk Audio ZX Striker definitely delivers. I’ve seen them on the market for around £59.99 at various websites. They’re a great addition to your Xbox One set-up.



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