PNY Elite Performance 32GB SD Card Review

In celebration of World Drone Day taking part on 6th May 2017, PNY has just released their new range of flash storage, the Elite Performance range. World Drone Day sees thousands of drone pilots, from hobbyists to full commercial pilots take to the skies to film beautiful scenes from the air.

So why have PNY invested such interested in the quad copters? Because the Elite Performance cards have extremely quick transfer speeds. PNY has advertised their cards to transfer files at 100mbps. They’re also shock proof for when those drones come in for rough landings. They are even temperature, water, and magnetic proof too so they offer a full round of protection for users interested in different styles of photography or videography.

PNY are also offering customers in Europe a five-year warranty, although in the USA this is upped to a lifetime. I wonder if Europeans break more memory cards? I’m not sure.

As most people now-a-days use laptops, I thought it would be more accurate to run a benchmark inside the built-in SD card slot on my XMG 502. I used CrystalDiskMark for my choice of benchmarking software.

PNY advertises a 100mb/s read speed which is really quick, but in reality, when testing inside the laptop, we found that it was hitting around 88mb/s read speed with a write speed of 59mb/s. When using it inside a USB 3.0 SD card reader on the desktop, it was hitting no more than 35mb/s read speed and a considerably lower write speed. I don’t know how PNY can claim 100mb/s, and would love to hear from them on their methods, which will probably mean top spec speedy machines. However, in the real world, this isn’t the case.

I have no idea why manufacturers lie about their transfer speeds. Oh wait… because it looks good. But still, real time speeds generally hit no where near what they claim, and it’s obvious here that the PNY Elite Performance cards probably wont. But saying that, 85mb/s is still a pretty decent read speed. Plus the added various proofings, this card is really one for multiple uses.

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