How many games of Fortnite have you won? Strike that, how many have you played compared to how many you have won? One? Two? Don’t beat yourself up, we haven’t won one yet.

But for those of you who have the skills to pay the literal bills, a University in Ohio is offering free scholarships to skilled Fortnite players.

So a note to you parents put there, worried that games could be the end of your child. Think again. Games could actually make your kids stay in school!

Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio is the first university to announce its scholarship programs, while many other universities in the USA already belong to the National Association of Collegiate Esprits.


The recruitment process of these players will be exactly the same as how universities currently recruit for their varsity teams. Perform well at your chosen game, in this case Fortnite and you could win a spot at the University.

From here you will fall under the lead of head Esports coach Josh Buchanan who currently runs the program at Ashland University. I’m assuming, although can’t find much info on this at the moment, is you will the compete in university leagues. Ashland University is also investing in a new Esports Centre where you will find 25 new gaming rigs for its players.

However, Ashland University are offering up to $4,000 and the average year tuition and maintenance fees would set a student back at least $30,000 a year. I suppose that $4k can be spent on a new gaming rig. Don’t forget your studies though people. Professional sports is very hard to get into full time, so you need a fall back plan.