No Need For A Camera Crew With SoloCam

Gone are the days of a news reporter being followed around by a videographer with a huge broadcast camcorder on their shoulder thanks to a new Indiegogo campaign.

SoloCam, an advanced selfie stick is designed to be used by one person, hence the name. It’s a solo recording studio in your hand.

The idea behind it is for artists and journalists alike to record quality sound and video combined. Using a Bluetooth microphone and an integrated app for your smartphone, the selfie stick acts as a camera and sound equipment cutting out the need for a videographer or camera crew surrounding you while on a shoot. It’s something that would also appeal to video bloggers on the move.

The stick weighs around 280 grams so it’s not a burden to carry around with you unlike the usual heavy equipment you would typically find on the set of a news broadcast.

You can attach a number of products to the end of the selfie stick ranging from mobile smart phones and GoPros to professional cameras.

You can find out more about the Indiegogo campaign here. They offer a number of donation packages which include several upgrades depending on the package you invest in. the prices range from $49 to $499.


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