Nikon W100 Waterproof Compact Camera Review

Now that most people carry around decent enough cameras on their mobile phones, there’s not so much need for the compact camera market like there once were. So manufacturers are having to turn to new and improved ways of offering their products, and that’s exactly what’s happened with the Nikon W100 compact camera.

It’s harsh to say that these types of cameras have no place on the market anymore, they definitely do. And with gems like the Nikon W100 being released, it’s pretty much clear that these cameras are to stay for now.

The Nikon W100 is primarily a waterproof camera, wrapped in a compact body made from plastic. There are no rough edges here, and the smooth body makes it a little difficult to properly get a grip. It doesn’t feel overly tough either but the metal ring around the lens and the added bumper protection around the outside will ensure the camera will survive a couple of drops here and there.

Being waterproof, it means that users can take photographs under the sea, or in their swimming pools. It offers a different perspective on photography and gives users the chance to try something new, rather than just the bog standard family shot. It comes with an IPX8 rating, meaning it can survive taking photos in about 32 meters of water for up to 60 minutes. That’s not bad considering.

The lens can zoom in up to 3x and has a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor. It can produce just under 13 megapixel images and coveres up to 90mm frame. There’s an f/3.3 – 5.9 aperture as well. However, none of these settings can be changed, instead Nikon have decided to go with a full automatic mode with the W100. For most casual users, this would be fine, and matches that of mobile phones. But those serious about photography are going to start to feel very limited.

There are ways however to get the best quality shot possible. And that’s with the predetermined picture modes for things like architecture, nature, low light and fireworks. These types of options are accessed through the menu, which is very easy to navigate thanks to the big button design going down either side of the 2.7 inch LCD screen. There are even some fun options like sticking a frame around your composition too.

Picture quality isn’t bad at all on the Nikon W100. I would say it would probably be on par with a high-end smartphone. The photos produced seemed incredibly crisp in the middle, but did lose some quality once you start looking around the outside. Colours produced are fairly accurate, and in the right hands, you’ll probably be able to pull of some quite memorable photos. The full HD 1080p video quality is pretty sharp, and shoots at 30fps, so no slow motion effects here, even in post-processing. But it does the job well.

As I said earlier, you’re not going to be replacing any kind of smart phone camera with this, or have it as a daily driver for your photos. But it doesn’t seem as if it’s been designed for that. It will fit however, right at home with families with young children, who want to get some fun snapshots of their day at the beach or even on holiday around the pool. It’s pretty well protected, and with the added waterproofing as well as dust proofing, it’s definitely a camera you’d want on your holiday. For more information, you can visit the Nikon website.


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