Netgear EX7000 Range Extender Review

There is no doubt that this Netgear range extender has taken some influence from the Nighthawk range of wireless routers, it looks super stylish with it’s all black colour scheme and the chunky aerials sticking out of the rear. It’ll add character to any side table or even desk.

Inside it has a dual band 802.11ac so it can handle some extremely quick transfer speeds. It shows advertised speeds of up to 1,300Mbit/s which is very quick, much faster than what the current broadband maximum you can currently receive in your home. But this isn’t a bad thing to be honest, as it’ll future proof your system for when internet speeds improve.

netgear ex7000 2

It can also be used for home networks so files can be transferred to black spot broadband areas in your home. It carries both 2.4 and 5GHzs bandwidths so if your devices are compatible, there will be less WiFi interruptions from outside signals.

There are five Gigabit connection ports on the rear of the EX7000 so you could place near some kind of entertainment centre for multiple game consoles, a media PC, a SMART television and so on. It will be able to cater for most situations you will find yourself in the home.

netgear ex7000 4

It’s mainly used to extend WiFi signals in the home, although it will be capped if your home router cannot handle the huge transfer speeds. The broadband speeds would also be capped if you do not have a compatible wireless network adapter.

Setup is really straight forward. We found it was pretty much plug and play. The web settings automatically set depending on your router settings. The only thing you’ll need to do is enter an email and password just incase you lose your admin settings, which again, very easy to set up and recover.

netgear ex7000 3

For a decent WiFi extender, then the Netgear EX7000 will definitely have you covered. An investment in new wireless adapters may be needed if you really want to get the maximum speeds out of it, but they aren’t really necessary. The only other thing is it’s quite pricey compared to other network range extenders on the market, but that factors in its huge transfer speeds as well as its sharp design.

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