It looks like EA have been listening to gamers of late, as they’re finally allowing their games to cross-play between PC, Xbox and PS4. Well, I say games… it’s only one game so far. And that’s Need For Speed Heat.

All this is going to be happening on June 9th 2020, and it’s a decent step in the right direction for EA. With other cross-play games on the market right now like Call of Duty Modern Warfare for example, you will need to opt-in on EA Friends to play against other players online. But for the most part, I can’t see sim racers with big racing wheel setups playing this, so chances are there’ll be a level playing field.

As I said, this is all amazing to see. I am just wondering if they’ll bring this across to other EA titles soon, especially things like FIFA and Madden. Need for Speed Heat, if you want to pick it up yourself is of course available on Origin, but it’s also got a Steam version now too.