I love the Xbox controller. It’s my jam. The way it looks, the way it feels, functionality and all that good stuff. And when companies like Nacon come along and make some great improvements to an already stellar controller, you bet your bottom dollar you’re going to be using a winning product.

The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is a wired game controller offering that has been designed with Xbox in mind. In terms of size, it’s a little bigger than the official Xbox controller, but not by much, and most notably inn the handles. The X Pro has a harsher shape to it, but it still looks wicked, I can’t take that away from it. The right analogue stick has an LED ring giving the controller a bit of flair, but it also shows which profile you’re currently set to inside of the Nacon software.

The button placement is exactly the same. Your two analogue sticks, the DPad, the triggers and shoulder buttons and all that. But Nacon offers something Xbox doesn’t and that’s four buttons on the rear of the controller – two on the handles themselves which fit nicely next to your third finger and pinky on each hand, and two that sit in the path of your middle fingers These buttons can be assigned functions inside of games. The Nacon has some absolutely chunky rear triggers, which makes stretching your first fingers to hit the shoulder pads a bit of a stretch. I required some adjustment of my hands when I wanted to reach these, and when the RB and LB are used for things like changing view in Forza or throwing grenades or gadgets in Call of Duty, it was a bit of a problem for me.

There’s a partner app available for Windows devices, aka your gaming PC, which allows you to assign different profiles to the controller for things like stick responsiveness, button assignment for various games and more. It’s relatively in-depth for those of you who want to customise a little further, but I stuck to the normal profile and everything was fine for me. I didn’t need to customise my controller. Though I am by no means competitive when it comes to games, and I have not got the time to sit there and adjust a slider in tiny increments to get the best out of my products. I’d rather just get on with gaming. But if this sounds like a bit of you, then just know it’s there.

The Revolution X is a wireless controller, so if you’re using it with an Xbox that’ll be fine. But there’s also a USB Type-C cable in the box for you PC gamers, as well as a carrying case, a cleaning cloth and a set of weights that fit inside the handles so you can customise how heavy the controller is.

I mean, at this point, if you keep up with TechNuovo, you already know we’re a fan of Nacon controllers, and the Revolution X doesn’t disappoint. If the shoulder buttons were a little easier to reach, it would be a 10 out of 10 in my eyes, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to settle on a 9.5. Still a good score though right?