Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro PS4 Controller Review

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Review

Everytime you sit down with a bunch of friends to play some couch co-op, there’s always someone who ends up with that one custom controller that your long lost relative had bought you one Birthday. Of course it’s a nice gesture, and it enables you to play some games with your siblings, friends or parents, but does it ever beat an official controller from the console’s manufacturer? No chance.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Review

It’s hard for companies to really break into the custom controller market, especially if they’re going to be charging a large premium like the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro PS4 Controller. It can cost anywhere from £109 right up to £149 depending on the online retailer which is a little steep, but the Nacon controller offers a few more features that the standard official Playstation controller doesn’t.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Review

For those features, I’m going to talk about what you get inside the box. Of course you get the main Nacon Revolution Unlimited controller, which resembles an Xbox One controller as the thumbsticks aren’t in line with eachother in the centre. The rest of the buttons are pretty much how you would expect from a Playstation. Anyway, more on that later. The accessories you get with the controller are two convex and two concave thumbstick heads. I prefer the concave design myself. More comfortable to push with my thumbs. There are six weights, so you can adjust the overall weight of your controller. The weights range from 20g through to 32g, with each increment split into two different weights for each side of the controller. The weights go inside the handles. There’s also a three meter USB Type-C charging cable included too which is a nice touch. Means I can sit back on my sofa and still play the Playstation.

The worst thing about the controller however is the fact that it relies on a pretty garish wireless receiver to gain connection to your PS4. It almost resembles one of those WiFi aerials that stick out the back of some wireless routers. If you’ve got your PS4 looking all sleek on display, this thing only ruins the aesthetic. It’s not even black either, with the coating an almost gunmetal type grey. It measures around 3.5 inches in length and can bend 90°.

The most interesting feature of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro PS4 Controller is the six joystick shafts, that come in different widths. This reduces travel distance in games like Apex Legends for example. Where as with the thinnest shaft, you can perform fast spins. But if you’re like me and want a bit of finesse, or even a slower experience as I’m not the best with a game pad, you can use the larger shafts.

How Does It Perform?

The entire Nacon Revolution Unlimited controller is covered in a soft to touch coating, almost rubberised, with some grip on the back of each handle so you can hold it easier. Button presses feel weighty, and the rear triggers are pressure sensitive which makes this perfect for more racing orientated titles. The front triggers are physically clickable with an audible click so you know when you’ve pressed the button. It’s compatible with a range of gaming headsets too as long as they connect via jack port.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Review

On the back and it’s something I need to mention, and that’s the fact that there is a switch that changes the Nacon Revolution Unlimited controller between wired and wireless connections. There’s also a toggle to change the controller to Controller 1, Controller 2, and PC. Yes, this controller will work with PCs too as long as you download the parent app. What more, if you are using it with a PC, you’re treated to two buttons on the left handle and two more on the right so you can begin to spread out around the controller. To be honest though, the handle buttons are a little tough to press and it required myself to really crimp my fingers around the controller.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller Review

So overall, if you gave one of your friends or your sibling this controller to use when they come round for some couch co-op, they’re not going to turn their nose up. The quality is absolutely superb and it has now become my controller of choice every time I turn on my Playstation. For more information on the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro PS4 Controller, head over to the Nacon website.

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Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro PS4 Controller Review
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