Myzone MZ-3 Fitness Tracker Review

With a nation slowly sinking towards obesity, products like the Myzone MZ-3 fitness band encourages us to get out and do something. Whether that’s a calm jog, or a hardcore sprint, Myzone has your back.

Fitness products we’ve seen in the past usually come in the form of a watch or fitness band for your wrist. But the Myzone MZ-3 works differently. It attaches to your chest with the included chest strap. This gives a more accurate result on measuring your heart rate than a wrist band picking it up from your pulse.

What’s nice is that it didn’t feel intrusive. It had a nice enough fit. It’s meant to be positioned just under your chest area, and the strap can be adjusted for various body sizes. Keep it under your clothes for the most accurate results.

Charging the device was simple. It came with a USB charger which used a snap button to attach the two together. This snap button also works with the chest strap. Charging took only a few hours to get from dead to full which was a nice touch. Could easily charge it in the morning for your afternoon run.

Once on, you can sync it to your mobile so you can unlock the tracking features of the Myzone app. Inside this app you can track your various workouts and measure how much effort was put into each one. Here is a few examples of the app and what it can do.

Everything about the Myzone app is clean, and very self explanatory once you wrap your head around how to actually start an exercise in the first place. That took me a little bit of time to work out, but once I got through that, it was great.

But there is one thing that I feel separates the Myzone MZ-3 from the rest of the fitness market is the fact it has such a heavy focus on sociability and combined fitness. There are options for you to share your results online, or set up groups with your family for example as long as you all have MZ-3 trackers. This way you can bring some healthy competition by displaying everyone’s personal best and beating them.

You are even able to share your results in real time inside fitness centres and gyms so you can track your results. This only works with compatible gyms, but again, it’s to aid some healthy competition between you and your fitness class. Again, you must all have Myzone fitness trackers. You can see more of the social features on our other post here.

Now we only used the fitness tracker a handful of times, so we didn’t drag it out over months, but from what we’ve seen, it has worked rather well. The device is accurate, and the share functions are a great addition, even though we didn’t really manage to take full advantage of this during our time with the Myone MZ-3. If you did want more information on the fitness tracker, then please visit the Myzone website.