It’s been a while since MyVQ have come across my desk. The last time I checked out their products was when they sent through their Rosie-Lee model, and that was a few years ago now. This time though, I’m checking out their new MyVQ Monty range. It’s slightly larger than the Rosie-Lee, but it boasts some strong functionality.

The MyVQ Monty has a bit of a retro-esque feel to it. It comes in a number of finishes like the Oak finish we have here, and the Walnut which is a darker brown. On their website there are also finishes by Cath Kidson, Joules and the RSPB which was a strange one to see, but it looks great.

All the controls are based on the front of the unit, and include vulume up and down, followed by arrow left and right which are used to navigate the menus and radio stations. The alarm button and favourite button are the next two down, and then we’re greeted with a row of buttons, again, used for navigation.

The buttons give a nice tactive press to them and the whole thing feels very premium in terms of build quality. There’s a lot of weight here, which signifies that it’s a quality bit of wood, rather than some kind of veneer.

Audio quality if what you would come to expect from a portable DAB radio such as this. It has a very flat tone to it, although MyVQ does provide you with some presets that include Pop, Jazz, Rock and the like which do add a bit of life to your music. I stuck with the Rock preset, as it slightly raised the bass frequency to give my music a bit of a thud. Don’t expect this to fill a room though, this is a single speaker portable DAB radio, designed for background music, or quiet bedroom listening. It’s meant to be kept at mid-volumes. Go too loud, and it does distort a little.

myvq monty dab radio

There’s also a clock radio function as well, which definitely gets me up in the morning. There are two separate times you can select, and two beeping sounds and for those who want a bit of adventure, you can set a DAB radio station to play. Now that makes you jump but offers some decent variety in the morning rather than hearing bleeping sounds.

There’s a leather strap on top which is used for carrying the speaker around with you, and there’s even the option for an internal battery for an extra ¬£19.99 on the MyVQ website. Underneath battery area you can find the main power switch as well as a headphone port, a 3.5mm aux input and a USB input to charge your devices like a mobile.

The MyVQ Monty DAB radio looks incredibly stylish and has been built very well and the sound is passable for mid-level volumes. It’s not badly priced either, coming in at around ¬£99 online, which personally, I think it quite good for the quality of the build you’re getting here. For more information, head over to the MyVQ website.