Now here’s a stat that you may not have expected. What if  I told you that girls were overtaking the boys when it comes to video games? I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to hear that more girls are getting involved with games, but at the same time, it feels quite alien. 

The Insights People have put together a pretty awesome study of 5,000 participant survey, which actually found that gaming was more popular among teenage girls than shopping! What is happening right now!

The new survey saw 5,000 under 18s revealed that gaming has been established as a top 10 hobby and has risen to number eight in the list. 

It also found that 15% of girls now regularly watch eSports, and more 13-15 year old girls take part in eSports compared to boys around the same age group. 

84% of teen girls are now spending more time watching eSports compared to last year’s 75% statistic, and InquisitorMaster, a YouTuber that focuses on the kids’ game Roblox has now been classed as a top 10 celebrity for the first time

Nick Richardson, CEO and founder of the The Insights People, owner of Kids Insights, says:

“Not only are the gender results revealed by this survey very striking, what’s clear is that the very idea of online gaming needs to be thought about differently.

“There’s a clear difference between what boys are into, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty, and what girls are doing online, which is much more about collaboration and co-creation.”

This is a wonderfully mental stat, that I never thought I’d see. But it just goes to show that the socially awkward, sweaty boys in their bedroom stereotypes are not true anymore.