Monster Adidas Sport Response Headphones Review

For you runners out there, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to listen to your surroundings during your fitness sessions. I don’t actively jog, but walking to work or university listening to nothing but cars driving past and the occasional horn does get a little tedious. This is why a decent pair of Monster headphones are essential.

Don’t worry though, Monster has you covered. They’ve recently teamed up with Adidas – the clue is in the name – to create a solid pair of headphones aimed at sports and fitness thanks to Monster’s patented sports clip that help secure the buds in your lug hole.

monster adidas sport response headphones 2

The actual earpieces are made of ultra durable rubber, meaning they won’t pack in after a few running sessions. They’re also sweat-proof, because as we all know, ears sweat right? But in all seriousness, they’re extremely well-built to withstand those pesky drops of water that can drip from your hair.

monster adidas sport response headphones 3

Monster have included their Pure Monster Sound Technology in all models, meaning sound in guaranteed top-notch. However, through my experience of listening to mainly rock and heavier guitar music, the bass is a little too heavy. It’s in standard Monster fashion, but it works really well if you’re into your punchy basslined EDM. I experimented with my built-in EQ on my old skool iPod Classic and found that if I reduced the bass frequencies it made the quieter high frequency sounds more prominent.

monster adidas sport response headphones 4

There are various models to the Monster Adidas Sport Response headphones. The first in their new range of buds come in at around £39.95. The other options include built-in microphones for taking phone calls which is respectively £59.95. The Supernova model, which offer complete outside noise isolation you will find at £89.95.

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