After a 12 year lifespan, Microsoft has decided to ditch the popular operating system Windows XP, even though 27% of all users are still active users.

After April 8th all technical support will stop for XP. This also includes security updates and any support information.

This comes as a bid to push users onto the new Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has also released a warning that “even though your computers and laptops will still work, they will become more vulnerable to new threats”. Not good considering there are still businesses out there still using the now ancient operating system to run their computers.

Saying this, the UK government has invested £5.5million to continue updates for XP for the UK public sector. The updates will only be available for one year and will allow public sector organisations to download their ever important security updates, as well as updates for Office 2003 and Exchange 2003.

Google have also got in on this saying that their popular Chrome browser will continue support the XP operating system.