Manfrotto Windsor Reporter Bag Review

Now I like my bags. There’s something about a descent bag that could really make an outfit. I have many, and have uses for all of them. From large overnight bags to the smaller tote bag style, bags rock. But now that I’ve received the Manfrotto Windsor Reporter bag, I’m going to have to change my perspectives.

So taking a look at the outside of the bag, it looks very business like, with a denim type grey wash material on top, coupled with a darker, more synthetic material on the bottom. The seams are all protected with a leather rim so the bag doesn’t suffer from bangs and knocks as you walk through a crowded area.

There are two compartments to the Manfrotto Windsor Reporter bag. The front is big enough to house a small 13″ Macbook, a few books or even your photography accessories like a flash gun, SD card and ND filter pouches or some spare batteries. It’s covered in a soft internal material so your items don’t get scratched and messed up while in transport. Same with the back too.

The back compartment has been split into sections for your digital SLR, a couple of lenses and maybe a flash gun too. The dividers are secured using Velcro padding, so you can swap and change and move them around to suit your needs. In the main compartment at the back you can also find two zipped pockets, again for smaller items like SD cards and ND filters.

There is a place for a water bottle on the side of the bag so you can carry one around with your with ease while you’re on a long day of shooting. This secured together again using Velcro so the bottle doesn’t come loose and fall on the floor.

Around the back is a strap so you can hook it onto your roller luggage. Very useful for those going abroad wanting to take their camera equipment. The strap is also very tough, made from some kind of material that reminds me of car seat belts. The metal clips and strap adjusters are also solid, and didn’t feel flimsy in my hand and would probably carry a decent amount of weight.

At the front are two leather straps, possibly there to keep the bag nice and tight and in shape, but it could be used to hold some kind of tripod. It may be there for aesthetic reasons, who knows. But go with the tripod theory I think.

The overall quality of the bag is great, and Manfrotto have kept their reputation solid with this bag. They’re the camera accessory company of choice now, and if they continue making products like this, that reputation isn’t going anywhere. For the Manfrotto bag however, you’re looking at a premium £130. That’s a little expensive in my eyes, but the quality is there. You can find more information on the Manfrotto website.

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