So Majority reached out an asked us to take a look at a few of their new items in time for Father’s Day here in the UK, which by the way is just around the corner, happening on the 16th June 2024. So the first item in the list of new items we’re checking out is the Knapton DAB+ Radio Alarm Clock. Let’s take a look.

The Majority Knapton is a small box with rounded corners that measures at 14x14x7 centimeters so it’s nice and small to fit onto a bedside unit, which is where mine is living right now. It’s got a wireless charger on top for your phone which is a great feature in my opinion as it saves having an extra lead from your phone charger running to your bedside table too. The Knapton does require power either with a three-pin UK plug or a small disk battery.

As we’re talking about the top, it’s rubberised and features several buttons including power, skip radio station, your settings, a dedicated scan button and also volume. You’ve got a big snooze/dimmer button at the bottom which is pretty self-explanatory on what that does.

On the front is a large screen which is very clear, especially at night in a darkened room and is very readable. There are four stages of dimming, with one of those stages being ‘screen off’ and I kept mine on the lowest dimming setting pretty much for the entirety of my testing. Setting up the alarm was easy enough and it was pretty loud too. I stuck to a beeping sound to get me up which was intrusive enough to wake me up. But there are different sounds to choose from.

Being DAB+ means that it’s capable of receiving DAB signals, though the aerial around the back is rather small and didn’t do a great job in picking up some of the more lesser known DAB stations. I do like a bit of CountryLine Radio, and I couldn’t get it. I am based in the south-east of England and had issues. Your Radio 1 or Captial FM and that kind of thing were fine though. When I first powered the Knapton radio it did an automatic scan for both FM and DAB signals and I could switch between the two no problem. There is also a USB port on the back of the unit too for charging devices. However, it will not play music from your phone. I plugged it in and it charged my phone only. There is Bluetooth though if you wanted to connect a phone to the Knapton and play some Spotify.

In terms of audio quality, it wasn’t great. It’s a DAB radio which has a couple of really small tweeters in the sides of the unit. At mid-range volumes it’s alright, but I wouldn’t purchase something like this if you’re wanting to raise the roof with your music. That and a lack of signal and you’re not going to be having a great time, unfortunately. But at the end of the day it’s a clock radio right? So chances are you’re only going to be using it for a brief amount of time in the morning. The DAB is a bonus feature if you ask me.

The Majority Knapton will set you back around ¬£49 on Amazon which isn’t too bad considering your get your alarm clock, DAB radio, a Bluetooth speaker and also a wireless charger for your phone. You can find more information on the Majority website, oh and have a great Father’s Day.