LG are taking their phones in a new direction with a brand new style. Before, they used to use catchy names like the LG Chocolate. They never mucked around with model numbers, which is exactly what they’re doing here with the LG Velvet.

LG has just announced their brand new handset, and I must say, it’s a little different to what they’ve been doing recently with their ThinQ series. The LG Velvet gets its name from its styling for sure.

The phone itself is incredibly symmetrical, and looks extremely smooth, from the corners and sides which almost look as if they wrap around to the rear.

The camera is also unique, using what’s being branded as the ‘teardrop’ style. Each lens gets smaller as they go down the side of the phone.

LG Velvet 1

One major draw to the handset though which was revealed in the video, is the fact that a headphone jack still remains, so that’s something!

Unfortunately, we’ve not seen any specs yet, so it could all be design, and nothing ot back it up. But I’m pretty sure that there will be some more information released soon, and it’ll probably mirror some other flagships on the market right now.

LG Velvet 1

What we do know though is that the LG Velvet will be released in four colours: white, black a green finish and what looks like a perlescent pink/orange style. I for one quite like the look of the white model, although looking at the video, there’s some hints of pink in there too, if the right light hits the back. We’ll have to wait and see.